Services We Offer

We are committed to helping you create a special tribute to your loved one that will celebrate a life well-lived. We encourage you to share your ideas, customs and wishes with us.
We offer reasonable rates for all goods and services and a clear explanation of each item or service chosen. With our re-designed merchandise selection rooms it makes the selection process less stressful and more personal. A choice of a 'Memory Portrait’ or DVD ‘Memorial Tribute’ can be made from photographs depicting the life of your loved one. There is support beyond the service through our After Care Program including a free subscription to ‘My Careletter: Guiding you through life’s passages’.
Undoubtedly, not every question or circumstance is presented here. Should you have any questions or concerns we invite you to contact us, we would be more than happy to further assist you. 

Our services include but are not limited to the following:

 Traditional funeral service
 Immediate burial
 Direct cremation
 Cremation with services
 Donation
 Memorial service
 Graveside service
 Private service 

Preplanning Services

Planning ahead with Titzer Family Funeral Homes offers the following benefits:
 You can be confident that you are working with a locally owned funeral home, not a large conglomerate.
 Prices rise every year and have doubled every 10 to 15 years, but your total price is quoted today and is
guaranteed forever at the time of your first payment.
 You can pay in full in one payment, or you can pay it over time (monthly, quarterly, or annual payments are
 You can take care of all decisions so that your family doesn’t have to for you.
 You may qualify for free balance protection if payments are made over time.
 If you travel or live part of the year out of town, additional coverage is available at a minimal cost to help bring you
back home.
 Your funeral funds are protected from Medicaid and nursing homes.
 Our plans are transferable nationwide. If you move, your plan can move with you to any funeral home or crematory
you select. When transferred, the receiving mortuary or funeral home determines the status of the price guarantee.
 Everyone is guaranteed when planning ahead, regardless of age or health issues.
 We offer children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren protection plans.
 It is a very loving and considerate gift for your family.

Giving Peace of Mind to those you love

Take the step to start a plan to ensure your wishes are carried out with minimal distress to your loved ones. 

Professional Video Tributes

We proudly offer our families a Video Tribute Memorial from MemoryGuard.
We create a beautiful, and touching ensemble of pictures, images, video and music that is tastefully presented in a our Chapel, and is available on DVD and Memorial Video Tribute Album.

Celebrate the life of your loved ones with a MemoryGuard Video Tribute. Simple collect and submit to us the images and information you would like included. Then let our staff of professionals create the perfect tribute for your loved one.

Additional copies are available on DVD and also accessible from our Tribute page in our website

Veterans Services

When it comes to honoring veterans, no other funeral or cremation providers is more committed or more capable to fulfill you and your family’s
wishes. If you are a veteran or are responsible for the arrangements of a veteran, you can count on an exclusive Veterans & Family Memorial Care provider, Titzer Family Funeral Homes, to design a memorial tribute that will be thoughtful and personal.

Having confidence in the funeral home you choose is essential. We are acutely aware that you never get a second opportunity to honor the life of your loved one. 

Bringing family and friends together at a time of loss is natural, and a socially-expected practice. Not only that, a funeral or memorial service, whether in a traditional or contemporary setting, is the first step in healing. There are many ways to honor the life of your loved one.

Honoring the life of your loved one speaks directly to the relationship you shared. Coming together with friends and family gives everyone the opportunity to share memories, express emotions, and find comforting support. “Honoring Those Who Served” is the title of the DOD program providing dignified military funeral honors to veterans who have defended our nation. Upon the family’s request, the law requires that every eligible veteran
receive a military funeral honors ceremony to include folding and presenting of the United States burial flag and the playing of Taps. The law defines a military honors detail as consisting of two or more uniformed military persons with at least one member of the veteran’s parent service of the armed forces. 

Additional Veterans Services



Cell Phones for Soldiers is a nonprofit organization
dedicated to providing cost-free communication services to active-duty military members and veterans.

Titzer Family Funeral Homes is proud to join the mission
to help our soldiers call home. We accept donations of
used cell phones which are recycled and transferred into a sixty minute phone card for troops and sent overseas.

If you have a loved one who is currently serving overseas
and would like for them to receive the phone cards which
you donate, give us a call and we can further assist you. 

Pet Bereavement Services

Our services include care for your entire family, including your beloved pets. Visit our Pet Services site for more information, or contact us at any time.
Pet funeral Services

Best Friend Pet Bereavement Service is an extension of the service and dedication that Titzer Family Funeral Homes has given to the tri-state area for so many years.